Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fun with the Bubs

We tried to make the most of our errand running day yesterday.  Started off with being a witness in a court case. We weren’t sure if the case would be tried yesterday, but Henry and I were there bright and early.  I was so proud of my little boy.  He was so well behaved in the lobby and the courtroom.  Our case got postponed.  It’s nothing major.  Just a ridiculous lie made up about a person I was with the entire time.  It’s amazing or maybe even sickening what the state spends money on. 
After court we went home and ate lunch and then went to get Dave’s truck tested for emissions.  It was a lot quicker than expected and Henry and I had fun playing in the truck waiting for our turn.
Today was another busy day just getting things done.  I was feeling like a hamster on a wheel going no where fast.  Always more dishes, always more laundry, always more toys to pick up and always mouths to feed.  It’s a privilege but can quickly become a burden with lack of sleep and abundance of attitude (those late night jogs with Beth are so much fun but I’ve gotta learn to go to bed!).  So we broke up the day with a trip to the bank which happens to be a hike because we still haven’t switched to a local bank.  On the way home we stopped at Ikea.  Henry’s number 1 or maybe tied with the farm or maybe number 2 place to go.  He asks to go there all the time.  I am trying to teach him to listen to me in public, so our trips to Ikea have been very, very short lately.  When he runs away from me, we leave.  That simple.  I am hoping he catches on quickly but on the other hand, it’s a good excuse to make it a snappy (no pun intended) visit.
On our way home, I heard the window going down in the back seat.  They are usually locked.  Someone thought he was pretty slick and had his hand out waving to other cars and enjoying the breeze.  Of course I had to whip out my camera, whilst driving down the highway in hopes of capturing the cute moment on film.

P.s. I am going to speak with the high school students tomorrow to see who is interested in taking our art class.  We have been delayed a few weeks because of my back ground check needing to be completed – a safety measure to keep the kiddos safe.  It all works together for good because both Beth and I feel much more confident and much less rushed in the whole process.

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