Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Doggy Pillow


My latest project is quite the challenge.


Wood front with veneer sides and top.  Not easy and not pretty.  The back is warped.


I was very, very discouraged when I started.  That’s pretty much how I feel each time.  Why did I ever buy this hunk of crap?  Then when I start the vision comes.


The beginning.  Not convinced but hopefully you will see where my vision is going.


The work on the antique freezer door project is nearing an end.  Soon I will have photos of the fini product.

Now onto more important things…


Henry, daddy and Maggie took a nap on Sunday afternoon.  When I came in to wake them up for church, Henry was using Maggie as his pillow and she didn’t mind at all.  It’s so funny how he thinks Maggie is interacting with him more than she does.  I remember waking up as a child and wanting to go outside and play with the dogs.  Fred and Brandy.  I distinctly remember thinking the dogs and I were communicating and they got things they probably weren’t getting.  Henry is the same way with Maggie.  It’s so cute.  He tells her everything. 

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