Monday, September 12, 2011


These late night runs with Beth, AnnMargaret and supposedly Mika have got to stop.  Mostly because we do more talking than exercising and I am so tired but so wide awake.  And now I’ve been inspired by Lisa the matriarch of this clan to find some inspirational hallways to blog on.  (Beth is one of my best friends, AnnMargaret is married to Beth’s brother, Mika is Beth’s 14 year old daughter and Lisa is Beth’s mom). 

Beth is doing a weight loss challenge at work because you know she is a size 0 after all (not joking), so WE are kissing carbs goodbye this week and doing this whole thing together.  I told her I have to have before and after shots for my blog so folks can be stunned by the transformation.  Kissing carbs bye will be great for me because, although I have been doing great with my gluten free dairy free lifestyle – sugar has crept in in a big way and it is going out with a bang today.  I ate rice spaghetti for dinner and am eating mango sorbet my thoughtful and wonderful husband bought me.

Now that I got my blabbing out of the way that  probably only Lisa will read…  here’s some hallways for you Lisa…

BUT, first – I almost forgot to introduce to my new best friend…


Yup.  I am a terrible shopper.  Impatient.  That’s why I don’t own as many clothes as the average girl.  I don’t like to spend top dollar and I just can’t search the sales racks.  Polyvore is the answer.  I can create super cheap outfits – the exact outfits I want.  I can just dream things up and buy them if I want.  Which I haven’t yet.  But it’s my total solution to my life long problem.  Hope it helps you too. 

Here are a few outfits I create where each item is under $50 and some are only $6.

See what I mean?  Cool.

Now onto hallways:


via  I love board and batten. 

I kind of like this style of it better though (I know this isn’t a hallway)


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Shari said...

Your taste in hallways is right on par with mine. Thanks for the comment on my debut post the other day. It was unexpected and very appreciated. :)