Saturday, September 10, 2011


hmmm…. so much to tell and never can remember what to say once I am here.

I am reading a new book by George Muller – Answers to Prayer.  The first chapter was an overview on the power of prayer, the second chapter on the first point which is adoration and the third chapter is on repentance.  Both the adoration chapter and the repentance chapter are VERY convicting.  I know that I lack, and I am pretty sure it’s an epidemic with modern day Christianity, reverence and respect for the holiness, power and perfectness of the Almighty Creator of the Universe.   Living in familiarity is part of the old nature that we live in and think it’s okay to lack a healthy fear of God.  God is very loving.  Who else but God sent His only Son to pay for MY sins.  Who else but God draws me with cords of love.  But just like Isaiah in Isaiah Chapter 6, I need to continue in humility and on my face to ask God for a revelation of His holiness so I can be undone in His presence.  As Paul writes so clearly in Romans chapter 7, what we want to do, we do not and what we don’t want to do, we do.  The struggle between the old and the new natures.  We are new creations in 1 Cor 5:17 but can choose to live in our old nature.  So often we live most of our time in the old nature and even go before God in that nature and without any weight of our sin.  We excuse behaviors that are clearly not godly and in the next breath pray to a holy God.  Very convicting.  And maybe, just maybe a reason some of our prayers are not answered.  It’s not the failures that grieve the Holy Spirit, it’s the lack of repentance and continuing in our old nature.  We just can’t have communion with God in that state.  I can’t and you can’t.  Very convicting.

So, what else is going on?  I just sold my third piece of furniture.  A big thanks to Johnny and Stacey who let me use their space and Johnny who helped me tremendously with this piece.

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Henry is growing and changing by leaps and bounds.  His latest is that he is scared of everything.  Well, he’s always had a healthy fear of many things, but now he vocalizes it quite clearly.  “I scared, momma.”  “Henry scared.” 

He’s madly in love with his father and I couldn’t ask for a better one for him! 


myriahmae said...

Miss you!

katie said...

Love this wisdom you shared. Thanks for sharing with us.

Stephanie said...

Great wisdom... Thank you