Friday, September 21, 2012

This Week…

Sometimes I reread my blog posts after posting and wonder where my brain was when I was typing because I have so many errors!  At least I try…


This week on Monday, Hudson and I hung out with some of our friends.  It was a really good time having tea on Eileen’s back deck in the gorgeous fall weather.


This was taken on my munchkin’s three month birthday.


Mr. Grumpy pants!  I would be grumpy too if my mom dressed me in that type of leisure outfit Winking smile.


On daddy’s second day of work, mommy and the boys were brave enough to venture out to a local auction.  We didn’t stay long… just long enough to put some absentee bids in.  Almost a joke because someone could bid a dollar over to get an item and you can’t stop them if you’re not there!  Oh well.  We try.


Today we went back because we got a call that my bid won two acrylic paintings.  I noticed this bird’s nest built on the back of a trailer on a tractor trailer truck in the driveway of the auction warehouse. 



Here’s one of the paintings.


Here’s the other. 

Henry is in the other room playing with his “computer”.  It’s asking him questions.  It just asked who’s your best friend and he screamed back, “My baby brother!”  So cute.  It just asked again and he said the same thing.


Annie said...

Just snorted coffee out of my nose when I read the leisure outfit comment - so hilarious. I'll have to step in if I see him in a leapard lounger.

myriahmae said...

Love the leisure outfit comment too! I think Hudson looks like Dave with 50 extra pounds in this 3 month birthday cute!