Saturday, September 22, 2012




m a d l y

Hudson has been teething for a few weeks now.  Maybe over a month.  He is a very good baby.  He is mommy’s little buddy.


I know I am bias but my kids are so incredibly cute, brilliant, creative and fun.

Henry is really growing up lately.  It seems like he is learning mountains of information every day.  His vocabulary shocks me.  His comprehension scares me (not really but you know what I mean).

His imagination is incredible.

He is helping a lot.  He helps make food.  Today he was even helping stir something on the stove.  He puts things in the trash for me.  He puts the dirty clothes in the hamper.  He puts the dog in her kennel for me when we leave the house.  He takes things to the basement for me.  He helps with the laundry.  He somewhat helps with vacuuming.  He helps with yard work.  He feeds his puppy.  He goes and gets things for me when I need them.

He loves to sing all day long and make up his own songs.  When I make up songs to sing to him he always asks for more.  Sometimes I regret starting.Winking smileToday he asked me to make up a song about Molly and Sam going with us to the zoo.

He loves group hugs and always asks mommy and daddy to kiss each other.

He’s a little jealous of his little brother but loves him so much.

He pushes the limits.

He loves to go to church.  He loves to stay home.  He’s always asking for new library books.  He doesn’t forget anything or how to get any place he has been.


His daddy got him this firefighter outfit at Costco today.  Then he took off the coat and said he was a farmer.


We have no idea how to raise a child.  A child for God.  But we trust God will lead us if we ask and we are so grateful He entrusted such amazing lives to us.  G R A T E F U L.


This little life melts my heart all day long.

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