Friday, September 14, 2012

DC Day Trip


Henry has been begging to go to the DC Zoo AND to ride a train.  Today we took a day trip to the Capitol with Sam and Molly who are visiting from Maine.


Henry was SO excited to ride the subway.  The whole time (he was sitting with Sam in front of me) he kept turning around and telling me how much fun he was having.




We drove to Silver Spring, MD and took the Subway to the Zoo.  Another highlight for Henry was riding the escalators. 


The funniest moment of the day was when Molly declared that the “Lemurs” didn’t even look real really loudly.  Because they are stuffed animals.  We told her they didn’t look real because they aren’t!   Then the lady behind us thought they were real too.  Come on, people, they have button eyes!

Photo: First zoo first subway first trip to DC.

Hudson’s first trip to DC was a true delight for mommy and everyone else because he was SUCH a good boy!

I really wanted to take a photo of Molly being the pack mule because it reminded me of Myriah and my trips walking up Beech Hill with double jogging strollers.  The DC Zoo is not designed for the faint of heart (literally).

We had so much fun. Thank you, Molly and Sam!

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