Saturday, September 29, 2012

Holly and Bob’s Wedding and More

Holly and Bob’s wedding day started very early for me.  Henry had growing pains last night.  Oh, how I remember those.  So I held my little man until I was completely awake and he was completely asleep.  And my little alarm was up like clock work.  The joys of motherhood are what make me suck it up when I am exhausted and want to whine and realize I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

My littlest man and I headed to the wedding with Mika, my friend Beth’s daughter, as the babysitter deluxe. Hudson was excellent and Mika is second to done with coping and dealing, as my mother would say. 

Taking photos is fun and scary.  It’s a lot of pressure when you’re not a professional.  What am I saying.  It’s probably more pressure when you’re a pro, you’re just better at it!  At one point I thought my camera was broken before the wedding.  I didn’t breathe a word.  I just begged God.  Whatever it was went away. 

It’s definitely easier to be creative when not under the gun.  I give a lot of credit to event photographers.  It’s not easy.  You really have to think on your feet and there’s no second chances to get certain photos.

I had fun and the wedding was beautiful.  Most of all I am so happy for Holly and Bob.

Or most of all I am proud of my baby for being so good.  Or maybe both.

Our whole family was invited but Daddy stayed home with Henry.  I had fears of a three year old screaming across a crowd that he had to pee or something of that nature.  Dave made Henry a homemade gluten free dairy free pizza.  It was really good.  Even Dave liked it.

Hudson and I made a pit stop at home and then raced back out to try to finish up helping our precious friend Dee. 

It was a wild and crazy day.  But lots of fun.  And did I mention how good my baby is?

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