Sunday, September 16, 2012

Put it on the Altar

Wow, I loved the messages today at church.  They continue to answer my prayer of igniting my heart for God.  So powerful.  I loved the illustration of how we can become overwhelmed with such little complaints.  It’s. so. easy. to. do. as. a. mom.  It’s very humbling as a mother to see my own depravity.  We take those complaints of not having gas in the car, losing our keys (hey, those are both delay occurrences for me!), lack of sleep, whining children, family troubles, finances, etc., we pick them up and place them at the cross.  We let go with our hands and then turn our hands palms up to worship.  I love that word picture Pastor Schaller gave.  I love that I have two little faces always reminding me what a gift I have in them.  Sometimes (another word from the message), okay, more than sometimes, I am overwhelmed with the privilege God has given me in raising these two boys.  And I can’t even really fathom that they are really my children and God has really entrusted them to me.  How powerful is that?  I certainly couldn’t take my next breath without God giving it to me and I certainly cannot raise children with this wicked heart in me without Him daily transforming me into His image.  Praise God for the Cross, Praise God for the Blood, Praise God for His Strength, Praise God for His Grace and, certainly not least, Praise God for His WORD that He washes me with. 

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