Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Big Day at the Umsteads!

Today David returns to work after a very generous 12 weeks off from his company.  Please pray for his transition.  I am sure it will be great to get back into a routine, but who wants to return to a desk job after so many days off?  Also, his job is always changing.  It might be a little rough learning the new things and trying to remember the old.  We are believing God for a smooth transition. 

Henry has grown quite attached to his personal time with his dad.  We are praying for him as well through this time.

Today is also Hudson’s 3 month birthday.  I will post photos later.  I can’t believe it’s already been 3 months but, on the other hand, I can’t remember life before him.  He’s our good little buddy who goes with  the flow.  Such a sweet baby.  It’s so much fun to see his personality come out.

My friend Bethany, you have heard me mention her before I am sure, has had a vision to help our friend Dee who has stage 4 bone cancer.  Dee cannot work, lives alone and doesn’t have a provision for finances at this time.  Bethany is a hair dresser and one of her clients has been very successful at Melaleuca – an American manufacturing company of daily use products (cleaning, vitamins, skin care, nutrition etc.) that are green, safe and work well.  This month Melaleuca is offering $1,000 for any new customer who signs on 8 wholesale customers by the end of September.  Beth had the idea that she and I do this and give our money to Dee.  I was VERY skeptical.  Very.  To say I have been burned out on this type of stuff is an understatement.  But I went with her as a good friend and because we want to help our friend Dee.  The end of the story is we are taking the challenge of getting 8 wholesale customers by the end of the month to give our money to Dee.  Please, please pray for this endeavor but most of pray for Dee.  Prayer is the most important way to help because God hears our prayers.  And pray for our challenge.  If you want to take the challenge and get $1,000, let me know and I will help you. 

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