Friday, September 7, 2012

I Don’t Think

I don’t think Obama is an awesome speaker.

I don’t think it’s true that conservatives are racist when race is all the liberals talk about.  We are all people created by God.

I don’t think corporations are evil.

I don’t think it makes sense to slam corporations and talk about jobs in the same breath.  Do jobs come out of thin air?  Or should the government create more government jobs to make the insatiable beast it’s becoming grow larger?

I don’t think it makes sense to claim a platform to protect the tax payer’s dollar from evil corporations just after taking credit for corporate bail outs.

I don’t think staged tears while reading letters from American people is touching.  The intro video for President Obama made me sick because it was so contrived.

I don’t think killing babies is a right that should be given to anyone.  I could vomit when I think of how our current president helped late term abortions in Illinois.

I don’t think we’ve seen the worst of what this President can do. 

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Amy said...

I agree, with my whole heart. Everything you wrote, they are such hypocrites. I could just cry at what our country is becoming. It is horrifying to think if this man gets reelectd what kind of country we will be living in in 4 years. What he is beleives in , what he stands for.... I just don't understand how any human being thinks it is ok. Why are peopke not outraged and discussing this? And why on earth is the main stream media for him? Makes me wonder.
And no one has the right to decide when to end a life.... And if this man gets relected it won't just be innocent babies that he is terminating.... he is so in favor of not treating the sick and elderly. Scary. Sorry to go on a rant.... But it scares the daylights out of me to think what this country will come to if he gets relectd.