Monday, September 24, 2012

The Days Are a Flash

Man, do the days go by fast with two kids.  FAST.



This week marks daddy’s first full week of work and it’s been a busy one so far and will just get busier! 

Please pray for:

1.  Our Melaleuca event/goal for our friend Dee.  We are believing God for her healing and a major provision for finances as she is unable to work with stage four bone cancer.  If you know this woman, you love her.  If you don’t know her, trust me, you would love her.  Someone recently told me they used to ask Dee if she were an angel.  It has been a blessing to spend more time with her, though I wish it were on better terms. 

2. Hudson has a doctor’s appointment tomorrow.  I am still praying about giving him his Hib shot.  I am not a fan of so many vaccines so early in life.  The number has more than doubled since 2001. 

3. I am photographing a friends wedding this Saturday.  Pray for the rehearsal Thursday night because I am bringing both children Winking smile.  And for Saturday.  I really want to do a good job for her and I have my friend’s daughter coming with me to help with Hudson.  So pray Hudson does a good job for her! 

4.  There are so many people in my life with great need for prayer.  Lift up a request for those unknown to you but known to God.  My heart goes out to them.

5.  Keep my cousins in Budapest in prayer as they wrap up details in the US and adjust to their new adventure abroad with God!

6.  Pray for my cousins who recently moved to Tennessee from Kentucky.  They have four children and have to live apart until the husband’s job officially transfers.

7.  If you don’t already, please pray for our nation.  This is a critical election.

8. I always appreciate prayers for me and my three boys (daddy included).

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