Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cutest Boy Ever!

I think I tell Henry every day that God must really love me so much to give me a boy as cute and wonderful as he is.  I am in awe that he is my baby, our baby.  So smart, so funny, so cute, so handsome, so mischievous, so loving.

Dave has been struggling with his new blood pressure medication and has been quite ill over the last week.  Last night he stayed home with Henry while I went to church.  When I got home both Dave and Henry were in their own beds, neither sleeping.  I walked past Henry’s room a few times and noticed him shifting his pillows around.  I told him to put the pillows back and go to sleep.  He told me the pillow was dirty and to wash it (I assure you that I clean his bedding often).  I asked him if he wanted me to change the pillow case and he told me yes.  I did and he went right to sleep.  Such a little clean freak. 

It was sunny and cold today but the previous days were filled with lots of rain.  Yesterday I decided to take Henry to Ikea which is one of his favorite places.  When we were pulling into the parking lot he told me he was ready for Christmas.  I asked him what he is ready for and he told me Christmas trees and Christmas lights.  Such a precious little boy.

When we drive around looking at Christmas lights, he just stares, mesmerized by the display.  If we ask him a question he might not speak or he might whisper a response.  As we leave he will tell us he wants more Christmas and more lights.

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