Tuesday, May 15, 2012

You Know You’re Getting Old(er)

When you get excited about the Good Housekeeping magazine in the mailbox.  Tis true.  And Country Living.  It’s like opening a wonderful gift each month.

My friend Beth had a great morning adventure getting lost in the the city in two separate cars trying to find Second Chance.  She is pretty laid back, but when we stopped at a hotel to use the bathroom and the doorman asked me to move my car before I went she pretty much told him I wasn’t moving my car and I was using the bathroom.  Thank God for friends.  This pregnant woman could barely walk at that point.  Then he asked her where we were from when it was her turn and she told him Towson which is 20 minutes away.  He rolled his eyes.  By our desperation I think he expected at least a few hundred miles of travel.

Henry and I rushed to the doctor after shoveling a quick lunch down our throats with Beth.  We were late.  The nurse had me a little worried when she asked me to lay down on my left side because my blood pressure was high.  Then she gave Henry a pep talk about how mommy needed to do this for her and the baby.  If my blood pressure was high it probably got a lot higher with those statements.  My doctor came in and acted like it was no big deal at all.  Phew!  Other than that the appointment was great and Henry was so good.

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