Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Evening with the Umsteads


Snuggling with daddy this evening.


Funny conversation about this.  I made a quick attempt to try my hand at making a piece of art for our bedroom this morning while I was talking on the phone to my cousin.  I wasn’t trying anything fancy (obviously) and wasn’t putting a lot of time into it because I was just experimenting.  So I threw it into an extra Ikea frame I hadn’t used yet.  When Dave got home I asked him if he liked my art work.  He asked me where I got it.  I told him I made it.  And explained that I knew it was not that great but don’t be too mean.  He then asked where I printed the picture off and clearly I didn’t do it.  Then I really thought he was joking.  I told him it took me a few minutes, but he’s convinced that I printed it off the internet and transferred it to the wood.  Which I guess is compliment.  But really funny at the same time.

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