Friday, May 11, 2012

Dairy Free?

I got really excited last night when my family member looked up cool whip and it was listed as dairy and gluten free.  Not that I would make it a staple of Henry’s diet, but he really liked it.  Someone else told me that McDonald’s shakes are dairy free.  That is dangerous for a pregnant woman who loves milk shakes but avoids them due to digestive issues with herself and son. 

So Henry had his night of enjoying a little cool whip.   I looked it up today and it has casein which is the milk protein.  It was formally listed as diary free but not anymore.  That’s why it’s never been kosher.  Interesting facts you learn when navigating this dairy free, gluten free life style. 

I checked my facts on McDonald’s ingredient list and cool whip’s ingredient list.  They no longer advertise it as dairy free for all you dairy lovers that avoid dairy.

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