Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thursday Work Day & 35 Days til Due Date


After going to the Mom’s Bible Study and home for lunch, Henry and I went to the farm.  Stacey had Grampa slaving away on her projects Winking smile.  Henry kept running up to him while he was sanding and saying, “Hi, Grampa!” 

Something he has been saying all day is, “Oh my gosh!  Never mind!” 

His father is putting him to bed right now and he’s pretty much whining and screaming during books, Bible and prayer time.  His other famous line is that he “can’t do something anymore” if he doesn’t like it.  I just heard him tell his dad he’s sick and needs to go to the doctor.  He pulls out all of the stops!


Sneak peek on the the beginning of the end of finishing my ugly dresser I bought at the auction.  I have been waiting and waiting on the hardware from my a place that has great hardware online but pretty horrible service.  I wish I could find another place with the same selection.


35 Weeks Pregnant!  35 Days until Due Date!

My next doctor’s appointment is on May 29, Lord willing.  I will be a couple days shy of 37 weeks and a couple of days shy of full term.  Which means technically it would be okay for me to go into labor from May 31 on.   I will also get checked for dilation on my nex t appointment and hopefully we will be able to tell what kind of progress we are or are not making. 

I have been having some pretty severe pelvic pain at times which I am hoping is a sign that the baby has dropped.  There’s a lot of pressure. 

Other than that, things are going so well and still even forget I am pregnant at times.  Not too uncomfortable.  That could change quickly!

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