Friday, May 11, 2012

DIY Outdoor Art


I think outdoor art is a great way to brighten, personalize, bring the inside out.  I have always loved outdoor art but we have moved so much and some of it is just very expensive, so I have limited amounts.  My mom on the other hand, has a lot of wonderful outdoor art from metal sculptures to statues to wall hangings.



I started with a 9 x 12 inch piece of thin particle board I had home depot cut from a larger piece.  I have used this particle board in other projects and really like it.  I am not a painter as in an artist painter but had an image in my head and gave it a try.  I used cheap acrylic paints I had on hand from paint samples at Home Depot and JoAnne Fabric.  Once I painted my image, I let it dry then distressed it.  Then I sprayed a clear satin coating for protection. 

I tried my best to cut the boards into a frame.  The wood and my cutting are both imperfect.  My husband helped me assemble by drilling flat right angle brackets on the back and tacking the painting into the frame.


The angle of this photo is a little off.  I had to stand to the side because the second clear coat on the painting was still a little wet.

This piece is for my mom.

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