Friday, March 9, 2012

Week’s Thoughts

Tonight my mind has been racing with thoughts of a charter school.  I have so many opinions about methods of educating and love the experiential philosophy.  I, of course, whole-heartedly believe in Christian education.  I also agree that traditional classrooms are not set up for boys – especially at early ages.  So, who knows if my thoughts/prayers will ever come to fruition, but I have a pretty awesome charter school in my head.  At least the big vision. 

I love how the Herring Gut Learning Center in mid-coast Maine turned an education model for struggling students into a business or vice-versa and inspired new levels of learning.  I just love it.  These young people are growing herbs and tilapia fish for local restaurants while going from almost failing out of school to leading their generation in the knowledge of math and science.


I have also been very struck this week by the ministry of Abolition International.  I had honestly never heard the statistic that there are more slaves today than in any time in human history.  I pray God moves my heart to pray more.  I think it’s so powerful when Word of God Christians minister to people with such deep wounds because the Word of God is the only thing that can heal their souls/ our souls.

This seems so small in comparison to the heaviness mentioned above but I am so grateful to God for my tax appointment going well yesterday and my first court appearance for a speeding ticket (my first ticket ever!) going well today.  The judge was so merciful.  He took away my points so my insurance won’t go up and my record still remains perfect (my driving record that is).  So thankful.  And thankful for a perfect almost three year old who was so good in the courtroom.  And the aunt who went with us to help with Henry. 

All Village NetMedia publications to cease with this issue.  As much as the Village Soup administration has bugged me from time to time, I am saddened that the paper from mid-coast Maine will cease to exist.  Definitely the end of a very long era of which I loved.


I am no photo editor.  But I have grown to love Picnick.  It’s all going away soon.  I have decided I am being forced to check out new photo editing sites.  PicMonkey seems like a good choice.

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