Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Encouraging Church Service Tonight

Listen Here.

God keeps bringing back Matthew 6:33 to my mind when I worry/wonder about things or how I or we as a family or going to get from point A to B – fill in the blank for the area – physically, directionally, spiritually.  And I am constantly encouraged and remind to seek first the kingdom of God and all these things things will be added.  So encouraging.  That’s the note the message ended on but it’s so fresh in my mind.

The message was on the beginning of James 4.  He gives greater grace to the humble.  God’s grace, God’s Word is what enables us, when issues surface in our life in our spirituality to take the wrong and move on quietly.  Loved it.  Grace becomes greater than the issue.  I loved the quote about Abraham Lincoln’s life.  How is wife was prone to one moment be laughing hysterically and the next freaking out of her mind.  She once slapped a maid and when the maid’s father went to Abraham Lincoln about the offense, he ask if the man could dismiss this one incident when he himself has quietly live with this every day of his life.  Only a life of grace enables us to take the offense, take the wrong, even if we have a case and move on.  Numbers 12 – Mariam had a valid case against her brother but God corrected her.  Numbers 13 – The 10 of 12 had a valid case about the reality of the land.  Numbers 14 – the princes again spoke the bad words.

So much to react to but the bigger issue is to be submitted to God in James 4:7.  Resist the devil – in anxiety.  In his misleading about who we are.  Remember who you are.  A child of the king.  The devil will flee.

James 4:8 – Draw near to God.  How?  Worship God based on His Word in John 15:8

But you can listen yourself.  Loved it.  So thankful.

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