Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cool Art Ideas & Glucose Test: Check

I am so in love with this work!  IN LOVE.  via.  I have got to try it!  LOVE!


Henry and I went to get my glucose test done today.  I really waited until the last minute on this one.  My planning was a little poor in that I didn’t realize I wasn’t allowed to even sit in my car during the 1 hour wait after drinking the liquid.  Henry was such a trooper only having two magazines to look at and two very small toys from my purse.  I drank the stuff as fast as possible and the wait wasn’t that bad.  Henry was dying to have his turn in the chair.  I kept trying to tell him that the test wasn’t that fun.  It hurt.  He didn’t buy it and hopped in the chair when I was getting ready to go and told the tech it was his turn.


We did another round of lawn clean up this afternoon after cleaning the house.  I am trying to spend some time each day (I wish), I mean each week cleaning up the lawn.  Henry was having fun outside until the thunder started rolling.  He really got freaked out.  It was kind of cute.  We barely made it into the house before the downpour.  He then asked for lunch which he had just eaten 1.5 hours before.  But growing boys need to eat.  I am letting him watch a show for distraction from the the thunder while eating.

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