Saturday, March 17, 2012

3rd Birthday Party was a Farm Success

Thank you to everyone who helped – Stacey, Johnny, Myriah, Tim, McKenzie, Molly, Amber, Karen, Beth, Jen and everyone else who did!  And all those who came to our Henry’s 3rd birthday on the farm.  We all had so much fun.  Unfortunately the setting on my camera go switched so 99% of my photos didn’t come out.  It was switched in the beginning of the party and I didn’t know until the end.  Such a bummer but more importantly it was a blast – egg hunt, horse-drawn hayride, food, cake & ice-cream, bonfire and presents!  Henry had a blast and his daddy is putting him to bed right now.

My friend Amber came to the rescue with some of her amazing photos, praise You, God!  Thank you, thank you, thank you, Amber!

Hair-raising hayride!  And for a 3 year old birthday party.  That’s how Stacey rolls!


Sign Uncle (Aunt) Johnny made for Henry’s party.  They hooked the wagon Papa (my father) go for Henry’s birthday to the truck McKenzie got for him and Henry barely left it the whole party!  He’s in the back with the black hat on that Lauren (young woman who lives with Stacey) got him for his birthday.


My friend Amy’s daughter Emma having a blast with Sofina & Lucca, my friend Amber’s kids in the background near the pig pen.  These photos are courtesy of Amber!!


Ethan, my friend Amy’s son, and Henry having a blast playing with  the truck McKenzie gave Henry and the wagon my father gave him.


h3bp4Sofina & Lucca

Sofina & Luc


My friends Jeff & Robin’s daughter Sarah in the egg shop with Tom-tom, my friend Amy’s son.


Henry opening gifts.  Landon, Jen’s son in red, Sofina, Lucca in gray, Brooklin in white with curly hair and the back of Emma’s head too.


Tom (held by mom Bernadette), Landon, me, Henry, Brooklin & Emma.

Some of the few that came out (a little – it was switched to manual mode and the light was never being adjusted) on my camera:


The only photo I have before the switch (I think).  The scene of the future egg hunt… two tractors with eggs for 4 and under.


Birthday boy arriving to the party.

DSC_0003.jpg Daddy, Henry, Kade & Rafe with the truck & wagon.

Daddy, Henry







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