Sunday, January 1, 2012

Image in Christ

I absolutely loved an excerpt played at church last night that was spoken by our deceased senior pastor.  I wish it were online.  If it comes online I am going to write it down word for word.  Here is a summary:

Never ever let your self image be detached from who you are in Christ!  (Amen).  You are not Satan’s accusations, you are not who people say you are, you are not your past, you are not your failure, you are not the thoughts that come to you about yourself.  You will reign with Jesus Christ right now on earth.  DON’T BE SEPARATED FROM YOUR POSITION!!

(If only we would treat other people with this Royal Law of Love – for Jesus said it’s the greatest of the commandments along with Loving the Lord Your God).

My friend recently called me about someone in her church that left because she is clinically depressed.  She and her husband are having marriage problems and there are people in the church that want it blamed completely on her and want her disciplined.  Some have even written her letters.  From the gist of the story this woman is suffering greatly. 

You know what I say?  I don’t think it’s her fault, but so what if it is.  So what.  What about telling people about what God says they are instead of kicking them when they're down?  Even if they are a jerk.

My pastor once said recently that someone was going to tell him off.  He stopped them and said please tell me what God thinks about me and then you can tell me what ever you think about me.
A stinking men.  Amen.  Please let that be my imperfect heart, oh Lord.

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