Friday, October 7, 2011

Special Thanks

It wouldn’t have been possible for me to attend the Baltimore Beth Moore event without my wonderful husband and dear mother in-law who played with my son while my husband was at school.  My mother in-law also makes it possible for my husband and I to serve the body of Christ as greeters at church once a month.  It’s a special blessing to have someone watch your child who your child so dearly loves.  His mee-maw. 


I’m coming to a crossroads with my interdenominational Bible study.  It’s about 25 minutes away and my son does not enjoy it.  I know he shouldn’t always get his way, but it makes it difficult for me to enjoy it and concentrate when I have left him so upset.  There are wonderful women from the particular church who volunteer, but it’s pretty far from the room we are in and you need a card for entry.  You know when you just get a feeling that it might be over for a certain season/thing in your life?  The good news is I might buy a Beth Moore Bible study off ebay and show it some where.  We will see.

I am positively wild about the study (David, Seeking a Heart like His) I am doing that I might not finish.  I wanted to share a few notes with you from our last video session:

No one has ever fully embraced the concept of “God alone” apart from grave disappointment (Ps. 62:5).  God alone.  A painful place to get.  A beautiful place to stay.

We are never in greater need of humility than when we are confident someone else is wrong.  We can go from right to wrong at breakneck speed with our pride.

Someone could not let me down, unless they at some point lifted me up.  People can be fine people who can be trusted as people but they make terrible gods.  There is a big difference between esteem (which we are called by God to do) and appreciation versus exaltation.

When in a conflict with a person, bow down so low to God that God can deal with it (Gal. 6:1).

We will either wrestle all our lives with unmet expectations or intentionally rest our souls in God.

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