Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Henry Fun Facts


{taken through the screen door}

Henry is VERY social.  He doesn’t like to be alone.  Therefore the best form of punishment for bad behavior is separation.  Not always feasible when out shopping because the moment is long gone by the time we get home.

DSC_1491.jpg {On our patio this morning}

Henry feeds off the energy of other people.  He is a true people person.  Put him in a crowd and he goes wild.  He just loves it.  Unless he senses anger or fear.  He is very sensitive.  In fact, he gets scared very easily.  He is very scared of elephants on TV.  If we see a large powerful dog while I am jogging, he will tell me he’s scared of the dog.

That also brings us to the point that he is very dramatic and will do anything for attention.  Like make himself throw up.  Hmm.  Reminds me of a very close relative.  He also will constantly say he’s scared or hurt to get attention.  It makes it difficult to discern when he’s truly having a problem or truly scared of something.


He’s so friendly and so dramatic and likes so much attention,  he often physically attacks strangers in public.  Like runs up to them a grabs their legs or slaps them on the back as I push the grocery cart by. 

Fortunately, 95% of them think it’s cute.  But, of course, we really need to tame this behavior.  He just finds it so funny and isn’t really deterred by any immediate discipline I have used thus far.



Henry does self entertain and loves TV unfortunately.  But for the most part would rather be with other people even if that means harassing Maggie or getting on top of Dave or me while we are in the middle of something.  He now demands to sleep in our bed because he is afraid he will miss something.  He has even quietly waited until after mid night to sneak into our room after a long night’s struggle to make him stay in his room.

He gags if he sees something on his plate he doesn’t like.

He loves garlic humus.

He doesn’t really like his food mixed.

Sometimes I let him eat dessert first because I find if I get him eating he will eat a lot more.

He is growing like a weed.

Everything Maggie does is hilarious.  Especially chew up his toys.

He talks about his extended family members and friends all the time.

Every time he sits in his yellow chair he says sweetheart, because B.j. gave it to him a long time ago.

He calls Dave’s mom Mee-maw.  If I tell him she’s coming, he cries all day to see her.

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