Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Nug Chugs

Other names for Henry:

Bubby Cheeky, Nug Chugs of a Rug Dugs, Nugget, Bubby, Love Chicken, Cuteness, Himer, and many other variations.

Some of his favorite sayings lately:

Too tall.  Slide’s too tall.  Ladder’s too tall.  Cuddle?  (He asks to cuddle).  Sings happy birthday all day every day.  He mostly sings it to Mee-Maw (Dave’s mom).  He asked to go up in a plane far away to see Christopher and Zac.  Far away is another phrase he has been using lately.




He put his train to sleep.  He dragged this train track into the kitchen this morning.  Another saying is, “Train is coming.”  “Daddy is coming.”  Everything is coming.


This afternoon I found him on top of his shelf reading Franklin.  He loves books.  His favorite right now is anything with the five little monkeys.  He walks around pretending to be a monkey all the time.


Sometimes he calls my mother’s husband Grampa Sue instead of Grampa Dan because he calls her Mammie Sue.


This morning I asked Henry if he wanted something and he said no thank you, mama.

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