Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Art Reach Class 2

Unlikely art teachers: class 2.


A continuation of the first class project: mix media.

New assignment – in addition to paint, add wood burning, wording and modge podge something on it. 

The time goes by so fast.  Speed of light.  Wish, wish, wish we had at least a 2 hour chunk.  It’s like we just get started and then the class ends.

So, you can see from the photo above (lighting isn’t good, so colors are a little off) that some students are really taking their time with the project and putting a lot of thought into it.


From this photo you can see some boards on the right with words modge podged from a magazine.  The red and white painting an the upper right hand corner were two students who had to start from the beginning this class because they didn’t have their own board last class.


What the room looks like after a little cleaning (yes, that’s right, a little cleaning). 

Beth was busy making homemade caramel for popcorn balls.  We also introduced another project, but the students were so busy doing the first project they didn’t have time to help Beth or start on the second project.  The caramel was delicious and the popcorn balls will be given away as our art reach.

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myriahmae said...

I want to take this class!