Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Manic Wednesday

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I am attempting to make the soup pictured above.  My father made us a kale and sausage soup a long time ago that Dave really loved.  Hopefully this one is good too.  I am using carrots and maybe rice instead of potatoes. 

Update: ** I did make the sausage and kale soup.  It was a BIG hit.  I modified the recipe.  I used carrots and rice instead of potatoes and beans.  I also added left over chicken.  I made my own chicken stock because I couldn’t find any gluten free in the store  I was shopping in.  I also left out the cheese.  This meal was absolutely delicious.  And it was a perfect rainy evening for soup.

I was down in our partially finished basement doing some on demand exercise videos from our cable supplier this morning when the washer started to get off balance.  I was 1.5 minutes from finishing a short but intense workout and the loud noise wasn’t going to stop me.  Henry told me he was scared and I told him I would fix it in just a minute.  He took matters into his own hands.  He moved the basket that was blocking the door to the laundry room from closing.  Shut the door.  Then said, “nigh-nigh” to the laundry room.  Then he was fine.  Not scared.  Pretty darn funny.  He was also funny joining in on the exercising every once in a while.

I finished the seat cushion part of my reupholster project which is sort of my mountain-in-the-way of finishing my office redo.  Been sloooooooow going for me.

I have two pieces of painted furniture I am almost done with.  I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for this new hardware company I found to send me the hardware I ordered.  FOREVER.  Great prices, great inconvenience. 

My little brother and his family might be coming down for Thanksgiving.  We are hoping!

We will have our second art class on Monday.  Exciting.  Scary.

I am almost finished with George Muller again.  Love that biography.  Now I have so many on my list to read.  I really want to read that Wheat Belly book and some other health books I have stumbled across lately.  I would also like to read George Muller’s book on prayer. 

Reduce, Reuse, UPcycle

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