Monday, October 3, 2011

Art Reach 1


Today was the first day of the art club art class my friend Beth and I are facilitating at our Christian high school (we don’t go to school there.  ha-ha.  It’s part of our church ministry and Beth’s oldest daughter is a freshman).  It was a step of faith.  We made it to the class early by the skin of our teeth.  We didn’t know if we were starting today or not until this morning.  We did.  And we got ALL of the supplies we needed today as well.  It was a race to the start.  But it started.  Praise God. 


We are using the old home ec.  room.  Slightly crowded and messy (used for storage) but a great provision for the beginning.  And, since no one uses it, we are leaving all of our stuff out.  Majorly cuts down on clean up time.

I really wanted to begin with a really cool project that would get them hooked and happy they signed up right away.  We set up 8 place settings by faith because we only had one sign up by the time of the class.  13 showed up.  We were short on supplies. 


Canvases are very expensive and so are the pre-cut wood boards for painting at a craft store.  So when I was working on my furniture a couple of weeks ago, I notice a large sheet of ply board for under $12.  Today I purchased one at Home Depot and had them cut it into 8 pieces.  It end up being less than $1.50 per board and they were about 2ft x 2ft in size.  Quite the bargain.

We are doing a mixed media project on wood.  Mixing paint and using random objects to stamp.  We will also be modge podging some paper designs, wood burning on it and projecting words( if they want) so we can outline them and paint them in (all on this board).


Everyone was really excited and got right to work. 

We also gave each student a block of pine to carve to make their own wood stamp.  This does take a lot of time an patience, so I might grab some linoleum for the next class to carve and make stamps.


Some students had to double up because of the unexpected attendance.


My friend is the co-facilitator and is on the far left of photo with the dark blue shirt.  She was helping with the art and making cookies.  Our art class is going to be an outreach as well.  We will be making things for someone suffering each week.  Whether they have lost a loved one, have a health issue or caretaking for someone with a major health issue.  This week the cookies went to baby Olivia’s family.  We’re afraid they might have melted together because we didn’t start making the cookies until the end of class!!  Oh well, we made it, we did, God is faithful!  So glad to be doing this with my best friend!


These are photos of the students work so far.


The only boy in the class did the one pictured above.

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katie said...

Seriously, those are awesome. I might be brave enough to try something like that.