Thursday, July 19, 2012

Our Little Monkey is 1 Month Already


A shirt from cousin Annie that we love!  Resting with Daddy on the couch this morning before he and mommy went to the lunch rap together.


This little monkey is already 1 month old!  It’s hard to believe! 


Henry is so in love with his little brother!  He always asks to hold him. 

Yesterday evening Henry and I played Rocket Baby on the bed.  We made Hudson a rocket flying through the air and then Henry was a rocket as I held him up on my legs.  Henry didn’t want to stop playing.  Imagine that?  He is so adorable and has been doing really well with his potty training.  I have been talking to him about it for months and trying to get him to do it without forcing him.  I came up with this idea that we would take a trip to the beach if he stopped wearing diapers.  I think that plus the fact we have told him only babies wear diapers has motivated him to really work on his potty training.  Yesterday we were in the car for over an hour and he didn’t have an accident.  He did have a couple at home but has been doing very well over all.  We’re just hoping it lasts.

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