Saturday, July 14, 2012

Adjusting to Runny Nose

Baby boy seems to be adjusting to his stuffy nose.  The car seat position lasted maybe two hours tops.  Then I held him the whole night in an upright position and he was able to get some sleep.  I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get his nose clear enough for him to nurse.  So far he’s been doing well with eating and has a really good attitude this morning.  He’s been sneezing some of the yuckies out which has been helpful to the process.

Fortunately this cold with an infant is new to us.  Henry didn’t get a cold until he was over one and then it was pneumonia!  Henry really only got sick once when he was almost six months old and they thought there was something majorly wrong because of his blood count so they shipped us by ambulance in the middle of the night to Maine Medical Center.  Now that was scary.  So we are learning this cold/allergy thing with Hudson.

Now Hudson’s telling me stories, so I have to go.

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