Monday, July 23, 2012

Check Ups

Hudson and I took Maggie to the vet today.  She hasn’t been herself lately and has been quite lame.  I always doubt going to the vet, because usually the diagnosis is vague, general and not worth the money.  We have been more concerned lately because she has been refusing to eat her food, although she still loves people food.  And she seems more lethargic – but that could be just the hound in her.  She has been a problem baby since the beginning.  But we love her.  The vet couldn’t tell me much.  Shocker.  Her heart and lungs sound good.  Her food issue and lameness may or may not be related.  Her lameness could be her old back issue flaring up or arthritis.  Or a million other things.  The food issue may be stress from bringing the baby home.  They gave her a prescription for an anti-inflammatory drug and offered to do million dollar blood work.  I declined.  I decided to watch her longer and see if this food issue clears up.  Maybe it is stressed.  And every time we over pay at the vet (has happened many times) we walk away with more questions than answers. 

I had an almost 5 week check up today.  Hudson went with me to that one too.  Everything was great.  Hudson was fussy because I had to take him out of the front pack, so I nursed him while getting my exam.  The doctor said as she left that men could never do what women do – balancing a baby, nursing at the same time and getting a full physical.  She said either the baby would starve or the men would break.  It is amazing how women can multi-task.  I guess that’s why God made us the mothers. 

Then Hudson, Henry and I went to visit my friend Beth who is now a fantastic furniture refinisher.  Seriously.  I think she is getting a new addiction.   Next time I have to take photos!

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