Sunday, July 15, 2012

First Haircut…

Don’t worry, it’s not Hudson.  It was Dave’s.  By me.

It happened late morning early afternoon yesterday.  We were both nervous. 

I wish I had photos but they weren’t allowed. 

I started using his razor on the back of his head.  He made the mistake of asking me how it was going and I paused in my response because I was concentrating.  He got worried.  Then I was trying to control my laughter because, you know, people in fear sometimes is really funny.  He realized I was trying not to laugh and told me the situation wasn’t funny and what was I doing with his hair.  Okay.  Then I really laughed.  And nothing was wrong.  It was the idea that he thought I was giving him a concentration camp cut that made me laugh.

We did have a minor incident with the ear trimmers.  Dave took it all well. 

This was a big accomplishment for both of us.  Me daring to cut his hair.  Dave trusting me to do it.

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