Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hudson 19 Days Old

A little grumpy getting ready for his first Sunday (evening) service.  We actually haven’t made it to a Sunday yet because of his birth, the power outage & Henry getting sick and then this morning we were running late because Henry and Hudson decided to party in the middle of the night last night.  We had a circus in our bed Smile.
We listened to church online this morning and it was excellent and it was so great to be there tonight.  I am so thankful for the mothers’ room that has a nursing room with a couch and air conditioning. 
Dave has really been spoiling me with making all the meals.  He is becoming quite the cook! 
Henry is loving having both his parents at home and keeps us informed of all of Hudson’s needs.  He loves his baby brother.  After naming him Hudson, all he calls him is baby brother now.  So cute.

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