Monday, July 9, 2012

Hudson 20 Days


Today has been spent going through mail that built up over the power outage – insurance papers from the birth etc.  It felt good to get those things out of the way and get my post natal appointment scheduled.


Then we took a drive up to Rye & Tim’s to drop off some things before they get back.  Henry wanted to stay at their house and watch a movie and then the whole way home he asked to go to Maine.  Very cute.


Henry is growing up so fast it makes me sad at times.  He has been my constant companion for three years and God had perfect timing with his arrival.  It was the darkest time of my life and Henry was/is my little light.  I love how much he is talking and how he still loves to cuddle.

I can’t really tell what Hudson’s personality is.  Dave and I call him our little tank.  I think he is going to be funny.  He definitely has me trained already in demanding to be held 24 hours a day.  He was sleeping really well and now that is shifting some.  He’s had really bad gas lately so that keeps him up.  When he’s sleeping, he’s so peaceful and has such a perfect face that he almost doesn’t look real.  I still can’t figure out who he looks like.  I see my mother, Vinny and my grandfather Nate in him.  Also a little Dave.  He reminds me of Vinny because he is pretty loud when he is awake.  Pretty much everything about him is loud.  Dave has been sleeping in the other room while Hudson and I adjust to a sleeping pattern.  The other night we decided to have him sleep in the room.  Then Henry ended up in our bed too.  Dave couldn’t believe how loud Hudson was and he wasn’t even crying.  It was funny.  I am getting used to it at night.

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