Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hudson 2 Weeks Old

Hudson is two weeks old today.  We took him to the doctors this morning and he is now 8 pounds!   The doctor told us he was perfect and to keep up the good work!

We have had no power for days, it was a hundred degrees for days, Henry got some type of throwing up illness in the middle of it, and all of our food is rotten but both of my boys are doing well now.  And my cousin has let the three of us crash at her house in PA with AC which was a major provision - especially with a vomitting child. Dave is still hanging tight at home with dog in the heat and the smell of rancid food (gross!) so he knows the moment the power comes on.  And he's trying to get rid of all the rotten stuff.

My friend Beth is still without power and sweltering in her house and thousands or millions of other people around the area. 

Have been trying to keep up with daily photos of Hudson, so I can post when we get power and iternet back.

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