Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Passed the Glucose Test

We have had a rollercoaster of a day.  Mostly due to a three year old’s tiredness, allergies and his pregnant mom!  Henry entertained the waiting room at the doctor’s office until my name was called, got to play the doctor and find the baby’s heartbeat and topped it all off with a full blown toddler tantrum as I was scheduling my next appointment on my way out.  It included lying on his back, kicking, hitting and yelling.  It was not the high point of our time there.  Or anyone else’s, I am sure.  I chalked it up to being overtired and struggling with seasonal allergies and probably just being a normal three year old demanding his own way. 

I was glad he had so much fun playing the doctor and that I passed all my blood tests for the third trimester with flying colors.  Praise God!

I am praying for wisdom daily with which battles to fight with a strong willed tike.  Want to balance keeping authority without losing my mind (haha – it’s already gone) – I mean without always seeming to be nagging on him or correcting all the time.  I guess that’s the struggle of every parent! 

Our day got progressively worse with attitude and sometimes punishment seems to be more punishment on me which is another joyous part of the parental journey!

Good thing God makes three year olds extra charming and cute. 


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Katie @ minivan diva said...

I get what you are saying about it is a good thing he's cute. : ) My mom always says "it is a good thing he has those dimples" whenever my 4 year old is being a stinker.