Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lawn Sale Finds

I have to say I am not much of a “saler”.  My cousin’s grandmother used to leave her guests notes on Saturday morning – “Gone Saling.  Be back soon.”  I remember my cousin’s uncle whom we visited outside of London in 2002 telling how confused he was by the saling note.  He knew his sister in-law wasn’t into sailing boats.  Well, my mom has been an expert “saler” for years.  Only recently have I been more of a second hand shopper.  I guess it’s common to develop an attitude about your parents hobbies and then end up just like them.  Ha-ha.  Anyway.  My friend Amy’s community has several yard sales today and it just happened to be convenient for me to go.  Henry was in a good mood and it just worked out.  Here are my purchases:


I got this great car seat complete with an owner’s manual for $20.  Now, I tried to get her to go lower but she wouldn’t.  It is in such great condition, I had to get it.  They retail over $150.


I purchased this solid wood Canadel drop leaf table with four chairs for $40.  She was asking $50.  I just had a gut feeling this thing retails for a lot of money.  It’s made in Canada and in pretty good condition.  Just need a good cleaning which I did an okay job doing.  I looked it up online and find it very frustrating you can’t get furniture prices anymore because they want you to come in.  Also, this company only does custom design.  I saw a post where a woman said she almost bought from this line a similar set but went with a less expensive version from another company for $1,000.  So, this set had to be several hundred dollars at the very least.  And the owner did tell me that when I was asking her to lower the price. 

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