Friday, April 6, 2012

My Redneck Shower

****bummer – the format I received the photos in is not coming up on my blog! **** hopefully I will be able to get them in a new format from McKenzie soon.

I was so thankful McKenzie was able to send me over some photos of my redneck shower last night.  I got them this morning and hope you enjoy.  Thank you to my aunt Stacey who hosted and my mom who helped her put it on although she wasn’t able to be here.  And thank you to everyone else who helped!


Sorry the photos are so small.  I copied them from the email.

Uncle Johnny with a shotgun

When we were arriving



Diaper game






We also were tagged on the back with names of mothers and had to try to guess our own.  I was Angelina Jolie.  The games at the shower were incredible!


Drinking Dr. Pepper from a baby bottle.









Tracey won!  Go Maine!



Guessing the smells in diapers.








Anna and I won.  Guess it’s the pregnancy hormones.  She just had a baby and is nursing.



We also had dress the baby doll.  One person was the right had and one person was the left.  Amy and I were partners (pictured below) and her nursing skills really paid off.  She knows how to get someone dressed one-handed!











The cake my mom had made.  So her!  Spare the rod.  Spoil the child.   My brother Vinny would get a big kick out of this cake.

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