Thursday, April 5, 2012

Impatience & Obsession Are Not Good Virtues

But I guess if you relabeled them “hard work” then you’d be okay.  So I got on a roll of coming up with a “new” improvised version of transferring my graphics onto wood.  I found the idea on Pinterest and gave it a whirl which turned into obsessing.  Dave will tell you that I can get so focused that nothing can pull me out.  That was me tonight with my son staying up too late and neglecting my husband.  But the initial results of the wax paper transfer were so cool.  I was hooked.  It’s so tricky that I definitely need practice and tweak it some more.  Here is one of my initial rough drafts.


In a lot of ways it is much easier than what my first improvised version was.  I didn’t do any prep work on the wood but over all it was pretty impressive to me.

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