Monday, August 1, 2011

Trip Part 10–Second Cousins


On our way to Maine, Henry and I stopped to visit my Aunt Teresa’s family.  Here is Henry with his second cousins Angelo and Lily in my aunt’s stunning garden.  I guess the gardening gene is from both sides of the family – better get my act together!


The cousins hit it off right away and didn’t want to stop playing.


Here is Lily pulling things in and out of the uber cool playhouse at her grandparents’.  Doesn’t she look like a little woman?   She is my cousin Sophie’s daughter and oldest child.  Sophie and I were standing on the porch chatting.  The major reason I wanted to detour to RI on our way to ME was to see Sophie.  She is recovering from a major surgery due to cancer.  We stayed with her and her kiddos on the way back through and had a blast.


This handsome little man is Angelo, Sophie’s youngest.  I’m quite sure neither child wanted to see Henry go.


Here is Mr. Handsome with his grandmother and my beautiful aunt.  Aunt Teresa has a gift of hospitality and is quite possibly one of the most thoughtful people I know.  She made us a delicious gluten and dairy free meal and even had our favorite non-dairy ice-cream on hand. 


After dinner story time with Mimi (I think)/ Great-Aunt Teresa.

For some reason my photos of Sophie, Mike, Eva, Jacob, and George (the rest of the fam) disappeared.

Our time was so special but never long enough!

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Sarah, Three Boys said...

It looks like you had so much fun! Your family is gorgeous:)