Thursday, August 25, 2011

Much Prayer Needed

For all you prayer warriors out there – please pray for these requests if you feel led:

1. A newborn in our church was born with a tumor and serious cancer – please pray for healing for the baby and comfort and grace for the parents and extended family.  The parents are just off the missionfield in Eastern Europe (they are Americans) to have their first child.

2.  Complete healing for my cousin with cancer – young mother with two young children.

3. Henry and my trip to Maine on Saturday.  Hurricane is approaching and we would like to catch our flight (if it’s safe) at 2:30 pm.  Travelling mercies.

4.  Two unlikely art teachers who have NO idea what they are doing.  Only have a heart to serve and enrich the lives of the students in our Christian school.  Yes, that’s I and my friend Beth.  In the next two weeks we need to collect materials, create a syllabus, clean out a classroom, and encourage kids to sign up!  All by the grace of God.  I mean ALL.  And it is our deepest heart’s desire to be Spirit filled and God led in each and every step.  This is a major step of faith and we covet your prayers.

5. I am looking forward to our fall schedule but we are also entering into a new season in our lives.  School + child + work + life.  Dave returns to Bible College next week, I have some side things I am always working on, we are managing a household and Dave is working full time.  Prayers are always welcomed as we want to have God’s mind in every aspect of our lives and receive His grace and His strength to go forward with His will.  And forever grateful for His mercies and grace for our frail human state.  Praise God!

Here is my little turkey:


Just after puddle stomping.


There have been some serious downpours over the last couple of weeks.



My turkey on the couch earlier this morning.  Do you love his sneakers?  I think he is so cute in them!!

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