Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hold onto Your Seats, Hold onto Your Hats

What you’re about to see could blow you away.  It did me anyway…


Here is my aunt Stacey’s new do.  Doesn’t she look stunning?  Well, I know she does!  Totally. Blew. Me. Away.


Johnny and Stacey’s house this evening.


I have done all of my projects thus far in the driveway in front of the egg shop.  Henry is always inspired by the “baby turcheys”.  And I am becoming more and more inspired by the “junk” we are finding on the farm.  This farm is owned by my aunt’s mother in-law.  My aunt and her husband Johnny have a business called Fresh McKenzie on the farm.  My aunt is pictured above.


The front of the egg shop pictured above.


Without further adieu, here are some projects I/we are going to be working on (don’t be jealous)…


This old wooden door needs a lot of TLC… but just wait.  Stay tuned.


Henry’s very roughed up dresser.  Too many moves.  This project has been started.


Johnny, Stacey and I have battle wounds from capturing this abandoned.  The work has just begun…


We found this bad boy in a pile of old junk left for trash in one of the old barns on the property. It’s an old wooden freezer or ice box door.  Guess what it will become?


We spent a luxurious day in Virginia together.  Henry, Stacey, Mom and me.  Had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory, got our eyebrows waxed, sat in massage chairs in Brookstone and overstayed our welcome and laughed out heads off.  It was a blast!  We love you mom and it was so good to see you.  (My mother was on a lay over for one of her jobs with Air Companions).

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