Thursday, August 11, 2011

Crazy About My Little Man


Sometimes he drives me crazy but mostly I’m crazy in love with my Henry.  Here he is visiting the “baby turcheys” as he says it.


This kid has no shortage of love for animals.


While we were searching for treasures in this barn, he found a set of keys and was ready to take off in his own treasure.



Could this be the look of a two year old?


Hanging out with the aunt on her porch.  With the dogs of course.  And I won’t even tell you what’s in Amos’ mouth because you won’t believe it.


My boy is growing up fast:

He is scared of bugs.  He screams and covers his ears if he sees one in the car. 

Actually all his fears are in a heightened stage right now.  I think it’s his age because I read about it with other parents who have kids his age.

He loves fire trucks and says fire truck if he hears a siren.

His favorite line to Myriah: “Get down cows!”  She has cows near her house and he always screams this in the phone when he talks to her.

He loves to count to 10.

He will sing ABC with me and doesn’t sing all the letters but the ones he gets are in the right place.

He is very dark conscious.  Says it’s dark if there is a night scene in one of his books.  Or when we get out of church at night, he points to the sky and says it’s dark.

If I ask him where Uncle Vinny is he sometimes will say heaven.

He loves to sing Jesus Loves Me.

He is becoming increasingly naughty to our dog.

He knows where he is geographically.  He says church if we are near the church even if we aren’t going there.

He’ll say Stacey’s farm if we are on our way even if he doesn’t know it.

He aggressively says hi to people and won’t stop until they say hi back. 

He usually gets shy with too much attention.

He loves tractors now.  His favorite toy.

He is becoming a TV lover which is scary because it’s so easy to get things done with it.

The other day I bought him a bag of Utz potato chips.  The next day we saw an Utz truck with just the name on it with no chips and he said, “Momma, chips!”

Since before he was one he says french fries EVERY time we drive by McDonalds.  We never stop.   He doesn’t even like them, I think he likes the idea of getting them.

He is a huge helper.  He loves to help feed Maggie.  He loves to help put the clothes in the dryer.  He loves to sweep and vacuum.

He says no to most any question you ask him.  Then he might say, “I do, Momma.”  For instance, do you want to go to Stacey’s farm.  No.  I do, Momma.

He calls me Mommy and Momma.

He poops in the bathtub A LOT.

He is the most loving creature on earth.

He demands to be carried almost everywhere (I know it’s our own fault).

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katie said...

I think he is going to have the best memories when he's older. You are such a great mom!