Monday, August 8, 2011

Projects, Overcoming Slothfulness, & More Projects

Just joking about the slothfulness.  Praise God, I’ve really been on a roll lately.  Just sometimes feel like sitting on my butt and not tackling the mountain in front of me aka painting the inside of our new house, minor updating etc.  But it’s all good and it’s all fun and I’m VERY grateful to God for it.

So here are a few of the projects I’ve been tackling lately:

I sold this dresser that I redid:


Working on some new entry doors.  As you can see the front entry door dates back to the 50’s probably.  Not the highest quality and as much as it’s supposed to block all light (me no likey), you can see the light of day all around the door when it’s closed.  Not good.  So soon you will see a new front and back door on our house. 



Here’s the luscious back door.  Don’t be jealous.  But you can buy it if you want because it’s going bye-bye.  again circa 1955 (actual door not storm door), not practical, certainly not pretty and not saving us any money on heat and air conditioning.

Side note – those are not orbs you see in the photo.  So please don’t ask us if you can come ghost hunting at our house.  According to my cousin’s realtor, that’s a hip and happening thing to do when you see those little circles around people’s houses in a photo.  That was all said for Rye’s benefit.  Ha-ha.  Don’t flip out on me anyone.


One of the projects I should be working on is potty training my little fella.  He’s pictured here eating a So Delicious Coconut milk fudge pop.  He loves them.  It’s chocolate.  Go figure. 

So the other day we took Stacey to the airport to get her lost luggage.  I stopped in a place I shouldn’t have to change his diaper.  I think the diaper thing scared the cops away when they approached me.  Henry told me he pooped but he was clearly holding in the poop when I removed his urine riddled diaper.  I told him to poop, then stood him up, and he pooped in a plastic bag.  At the airport.  Never a dull moment with a two year old.  Needs. to. be. potty. trained.


Oh yeah, removing the wallpaper border from the office wall.  It was actually much easier than I ever expected.  Check that off my list.  Thank You, Jesus.


I purchased this table at Goodwill directly after I sold the dresser.  If I don’t sell it, I think it will make a wonderful desk.  The photo makes it look MUCH better than it did in real life at that moment.  Much.  I have most of the work done.  Just need to finish it off and I will show you some pictures.  But, my car, which is quite new mind you, bit the dust so to speak today (so not sure when I’ll get back to working on it).  Yeah, imagine a baking parking lot in an urban area with over 90 degree temps and a screaming two year old trying to call roadside assistance, garages, and a ride.  My friend Beth was willing (thank you, Beth) but Johnny and Stacey saved the day literally.  So thankful to them for all of their help.  And there are much worse problems, so trying not to sweat an interrupted day and a grumpy toddler.


Here is the top of the table pre-refinish.










Here’s a sneak peek of the distressed top on the finished product.  Going for a rustic look that could meet urban. Love it so far.

That is our lovely life in a nutshell over the past few days.  Minus that Dave had to work Saturday and we had these folks over.  And Henry and I had a fabulous time on outreach on Saturday.  And I am unbelievably proud of the Governor of Texas for asking this country to turn to Jesus Christ for help (plus all the wonderful people who met in Houston with him).  Praise the Lord and to GOD be the GLORY.  Expecting a great revival and great things for this nation.  I am on board for praying and fasting for this great country and being an imperfect empty vessel available to be filled and used all to the glory of God.

P.s. Love my pastor and think he is speaking right from God’s heart.  Listen to his red hot messages here.



Sarah, Three Boys said...

You have been seriously busy! That table is awesome and will make an amazing desk!!

katie said...

Wow, you are on a roll!! Good work!

myriahmae said...

i see orbs galore