Sunday, August 28, 2011

But YOU Loved Me Anyway

This life is such a mystery.  As I look at the refrigerator and glance at a picture Henry scribbled  the task of raising a child can be overwhelming.  The loss of my neighbor's 52 year old wife of 30 years makes his heart bleed like any other human being.  When I fail so deeply all that remains is wrecked lives in my wake, I feel the pain, you feel the pain as deeply as our fellow man.  But in all of those circumstances, though my physical makeup is the same, I praise God, the Lord Jesus Christ for something deeper (our message at church today).    I praise Him for his grace that carries me when life blind sides me or when I am my own worst enemy.  And the greatest mystery of it all, other than that He loves me anyway and picks up the pieces and makes something beautiful, is many of these things that physically and emotionally seem to destroy me, through His mind and with His thoughts, I can look back over time and see them as His mercies.  His mercy because it is quite possible that this heart of mine that is so prone to turning as hard as a stone and as dark as the blackest night can be turned toward Him.  I can experience His life and joy and have even a more abundant life in spite of myself and in spite of what others have done to me and in spite of life's circumstances. His mercy and He loves me anyway.

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katie said...

This is truly such a beautiful post. I love how you describe His mercies. Thank you for such a lovely, honest post.