Thursday, August 25, 2011

Encouragement and a Dose of Henry


It has been a secret desire, prayer, wish of mine to be featured on this blog:


Shaunna from Perfectly Imperfect and Miss Mustard Seed were the first two furniture blogs I started reading and were the inspiration for me to try it myself and get addicted to other furniture blogs.  I highly esteem their work and have had a few conversations with God that I would love to be featured on one or both of their blogs.  Well, today my prayers were answered. My table above was featured on Perfectly Imperfect.  It is such an honor to have someone I look up to feature my work.  Thank you, Shaunna!


My son is becoming quite, quite the character.  I wish I could blog directly from the situation so it’s fresh in my mind, but we just don’t roll that way (as far as our level of technology). 

I think I am not so different from other mothers in romanticizing how much fun we are going to have doing ______ (fill in the blank).  I don’t always feel that way but today I was going to make our shopping trip to Trader Joe’s delightful for both of us.  I decided to let Henry push one of the kiddy carts and load the groceries into it for him to cart around.  I have let him do this in the past but he was a little younger, a little less independent, and with a little less of a mind of his own.  Today was not the right day to try it out.  Way, way too many people.  Once the idea was in his head, there was no turning back.  First thing, he wildly ran up to a 10ish year old boy like they were old buddies and slapped him on the back in a friendly two year old gesture and aggressively said hi.  Thankfully the boy found it funny and so did the mother.  Then he crazily pushed the cart through the crowded store and screamed at me every time I tried to steer it away from an oncoming customer.  Not an easy task to balance protection of fellow man and an independent little boy.  One time he got away from me and full force crashed into a 9ish year old girl’s legs.  Not good.  Not good for her.  Not good for me when getting why-don’t-you-control-your-child stares from the victim’s mother and then picking up a a shrieking child from the floor with an audience of many.  So not good.  The screams continued off and on and no amount of threatening ceased them.  So not good.  So, now I have been initiated into the out-of-control-bratty-child-in-grocery-store club.  We have had some rocky trips in the past, but this was full force two year old action. 


myriahmae said...

YEAH!!!! CoNgRaTs on the table feature!!! You rock!

Sarah, Three Boys said...

Wohoo!!! Congratulations on the feature, it is a gorgeous table girl!