Friday, August 19, 2011

The Chocolate Monster Returns & More

Bubs was so tired yesterday.  We were at Stacey’s “parm” (as he calls it) and all the week’s festivities caught up with him.  Melt down.  This morning he woke up coughing and was very pale.  I could tell he was very sick because he wanted to go right back to sleep on me.  Se we were cuddling in my bed while he slept.  Then he woke up whining and crying with his eyes clothes.  And vomited.  A lot.  All over me and the bed.  I felt so bad for him because he was so tired and sick that I stayed that way for a while.  Just lying there.  Pretty gross.  The things mother’s do for love.  He slept for a little while and woke up and started talking about Mammie and Papa Pease.  I had called the doctor in this time frame which was probably a few hours.  After being up for a while mister mister asked for ICE CREAM!  Well, we don’t eat ice cream frequently around here (at least not for Henry to see).  What the heck.  We got ready and went to get some dairy free frozen dessert.  This is the after math. 

He also wanted a ride in the back pack and to walk Maggie.  He settled for carrying around the back pack.

Johnny pulled down his old car which Henry calls a tractor because we know how much he loves tractors.  It was instant love for the H. man.

You could quite be southern without a glass of ice tea to ride along with you on your tractor…

Henry in the back ground driving his tractor while I work on my next project.

This wood dresser needs some extra tlc.

The top looks quite nice after a good hardy sand.

Chugs on the tractor just loving life (for the moment).

Driving is a very serious and important job.

much more serious and important than fixing an old dresser… and I want to always remind myself how important it is to enjoy these fun moments with Henry while he still wants to hang off his mommy and be attached at the hip.  They won’t last forever.

Something Stacey and Johnny are selling in their egg shop.  And hutch or hosier (I guess, not sure of spelling).

The doctor said Henry was probably having morning vomiting from mucus build up in his stomach.  Really?  What mucus?

This is what Henry looks like when there are too many bugs around and he is overtired. 

Here are the drawers pre-work.

Dresser pre-work

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katie said...

I'm glad he's feeling better. It is no fun when they are sick.