Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wedding Décor Preparation

balloon making 5

Chelsea, the young woman with blue scrubs covered in glue is getting married to my baby cousin this Saturday.  Well, Sam is the baby but almost seems like he is in the next generation. 

ballon making 4

She and Victor are getting married at a farm just over the PA border.  Myriah, Victor’s older sister and my wonderful friend, had amazing vine balls hanging from her tent when she got married in Maine.  Chelsea wanted something similar and Rye found this cool recipe to make your own.  Corn Starch, water, yarn, balloons and twine to hang them on.

ballon making 3

The project was started late last week and finished tonight and the upper barn on the farm.  I must admit I was pretty much zero help.  Just discussing wedding photos with Chelsea.  But the setting was something out of Country Living Magazine.

ballon making 2

Drying for two days and then ready to roll or hang, I mean.  The balloons are removed and then you have a vine looking ball to hang from the ceiling with white lights.

Henry was there just, just, just back from our NC adventure to provide cuteness support as always.


katie said...

Such a cute idea for a countryside wedding!

myriahmae said...

LOVE the photos, wanna steal some for my little old blog! LOVE YOU MISS YOU LIKE CRAZY!!