Friday, May 20, 2011

Happy to Report

Only a mother could understand this, but I’m so happy to report that Henry is have good bowel movements 2-3 times a day!  This has been unheard of his entire life.  If he had 2-3 a day it was from diarrhea which meant he was constipated. 

He also seems like he has gained weight already and is eating like crazy.  I could barely get the kid to eat a crumb for breakfast lately and now he is hungry and eating a lot each meal!


Happy 75th birthday to my spring chicken Grampa Nate!  He’s in town but I will be out of town for his birthday.  But I will see him Lord willing and as long as the world doesn’t end (joke – there’s all this propaganda here that the world is ending tomorrow and my grandfather finds that pretty darn funny).

We are taking a little small family vacay tomorrow.  We really have never been on a family vacation.  Well I guess we have been camping in the freezing north Maine woods overnight with insufficient blankets.  AND we have been to visit family.  But never a little family getaway.  We are going to the beach and the beast aka Maggie is going with us.  We are really looking forward to it.

Did I mention on the way to church the other night I thought I left the stove on?  I knew I didn’t but you know what I mean?  I forgot about it and then on the way home it was lightening and I thought for a second I could see flashing lights above our house in the sky.  Then I told myself it was just lightening.  We turned onto our road and before we could see our house, we saw the big fire truck out front.  HEART ATTACK!  HEART ATTACK!  HEART ATTACK!!!!!  Dave drove like 100.  It was for the neighbor’s house.  Not that I was rejoicing they had a problem (I don’t think it was major), just praising God our dog wasn’t dead and everything we own gone.  How weird can you get?  If I already mentioned this, I am a little over tired.  Sorry.

Thinking a lot about waiting on God, not being slothful, not doing things in my own strength, being a good steward of the gifts and things God has blessed me with.  I have determined that all of those things can be way too much for me if I am not drawing near to God.  I just need to draw near to God and He will direct my steps.

I think sometimes people read my blog and think maybe I am just returning to God (Sorry, I just have simple thoughts!).  Well, in a sense we all offer ourselves as a living sacrifice over and over (Romans 12:1-2) and are crucified with Christ daily or minutely in Galatians 2:20.  But I think the more I walk with God, the more I realized this Christian life is not about a decision once in your life when you trust in God as your Savior.  Or once a week when you go to church.  Or once a day when you bow your head to pray.  The more I taste of the life with constant communion with God, the more communion I want to have.  The more I want to mimic the life and faith I see in my spiritual mothers and fathers.  The more I want to waste my life on God.  How can anything we give to God be a waste? 

I brought my dresser home today.  Thanks to Johnny’s muscles.  It’s not out of the truck yet.  I think Dave will save that until we get home.  I got a table and chairs to refinish.  Now I am praying for a place to refinish them when we buy a house. 


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